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We offer the highest level of care in SF because of our integrative healthcare business model . Our clinic embodies an eloquent balance of science-backed medicine, mobility and strength training. It focuses on providing the time and resources needed for Elite Health and longterm results that matter. Rather than rush you in and out, we provide exceptional personalized care, you pay upfront and we send the superbill on your behalf to Insurance. SIMPLE.

Packages and memberships

Designed for any stage of care



Pay as you go


Pay as you go

Initial Visit

$250 (60 min.)

Follow ups

$165 (40 min.)

Therapeutic Sports


Prescribed therapeutic or relaxation therapy


Regular – $150 (60 min.)
Extended – $180 (80 min.)
Ultra – $265 (120 min.)


Most Popular

Discount Packages

Chiropractic, Rehab and Massage

Save on sessions!

40 minute appointments, 60 minute massage sessions

Save on sessions

8 sessions – One or short term injury – $1230 ($90 savings)

13 sessions – Chronic pain or condition – $1930 ($215 savings)

20 sessions – Post-Op or Poly Injury – $2930 ($370 savings)

Patients sign up for packages after initial evaluation for savings and convenience. Use sessions for Chiropractic, Rehab or Massage!



Existing patients enhancing performance & maintaining health


For the year


  • 12 x sessions of any combination (Chiropractic, Massage or Rehab)
  • Weekly Yoga Classes
  • Gym Access & Use
  • 8 wk personalized strength program (Performance membership only)
  • Free attendance to seminars and workshops
  • 10% of Merchandise



Small boutique classes


 $25 (60 min.)

Vinyasa/Ashtanga style class with heavy focus on building a foundation and understanding of each movement flow. Great for beginners and advanced yogis.

Remote care

Fitness Training

Strength, Mobility & Performance Training


8 week custom fitness program built to meet your unique needs

up to

$500 in savings

One-on-one weekly remote support via email, phone call and video sessions for the duration of the custom 8 week program.
Patients sign up after an initial course of care & education on movements & training basics

Results that matter to you!

If you are like me, you may have been to a "top rated" physical therapist that spent the better part of four months telling you to repeat bodyweight squats as they double booked sessions always rushing you to ice and stim. Whenever I asked questions I would be told that I needed to stretch more and break up scar tissue. For months I saw no improvement and finally gave up on physical therapy assuming I would never return to basketball or soccer.

One day I came across Motus Rehab and began to read reviews. I noticed consistent patterns with patients mentioning "they are actual doctors" who "know what they are talking about." Well, they were right. During my first session with Lindsay she spent the better part of an hour breaking down my entire injury and helping me understand how my knee was healthy and my hip, back, and leg strength were driving the issues. She put me on a regimented plan and within 8 weeks I am back on the court. I cannot recommend Lindsay and Motus enough. It is absolutely worth the money.

Nick S.Yelp Review

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