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“Due to the complexity of these issues and the frequency at which we see issues that present as acute but are truly chronic, our existing healthcare system is not equipped to diagnose nor treat them. All these patients were misdiagnosed or mismanaged at some point which contributed to the building complexity of their issues, only making it that much harder and lengthy to treat. Fortunately for us we have the capacity to take the time to build a program that will actually help the patient. In traditional insurance type clinics, patients are either discharged to early and not taken through an entire course of care. So even if they “feel better” after their course of care they typically will present again in 3-6 months with the same issue or something similar that stems from the same issue.

At Motus, we take you through the entire course of care and ensure that we are not only making you feel temporarily better, but actually resolving your issue. We have to take into consideration what demands you are putting onto your body and how we have to prepare it for those demands. Typical care is too generic and doesn’t allow for us to treat a patient who wants to run a marathon, or a pregnant patient who wants to be active or someone with chronic low back pain who wants to run. These patients all would of been told to rest, wear a brace, take pain meds and give up on what they wanted to do. Almost anyone can do what they want to do, the question is, "Are you willing to do the work and do you have the right team to get you there?"”

Dr. Lindsay Stephens

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