About Us

Our team of elite practitioners; to include Doctors of Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, as well as personal trainers and massage therapists, all collaborate to ensure we are not only eliminating your pain but maximizing your function, reducing re-injury risk and educating you on healthy lifestyle habits. We use evolving techniques, with a mixture of current medical research and movement basics, to develop a comprehensive plan for every individual. Together we can actualize your full potential.

Meet the Team

Dr. Lindsay Stephens
Founder, DC, CCSP, FMT.
Dr. Stephens is a Military brat and has been in practice in the bay area since 2011, graduating from Palmer West with honors. In 2013, she also received an additional certification in sports, the Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, CCSP. She has worked her entire career in an interdisciplinary setting both in private clinics and hospitals, most noteably at the Presidents Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. Assisting in surgerys, out patient procedures and logging hundreds of hours in Orthopedic, Nuerology, Pain Management, Radiology and OB/GYN departments. Outside of the clinic, she has also worked many sporting events (Kona, Northface endurance challenge, Sea Otter Classic and numerous marathons) and done field work for Soccer, Rugby, Footie and Football teams alike. Recognizing the need for more integrative care clinics, she was inspired to open Motus Rehab Clinic in August of 2016. She enjoys working with all populations but specializes in working with dancers and has worked with the Alonzo King Lines Ballet from 2013-May of 2018, SF Danceworks and Soulskin Dance since early 2018 and listed as a preferred provider on the Dancer Group website.
Dr. Megan-Marie Delegas
Co-Founder, PT, DPT, SFMAc
Dr. Delegas is an east coast native who’s been in the bay area since 2014. Prior to moving to SF, she was fortunate to work at various settings within the medical hub of Boston. From acute trauma to interdisciplinary private practices, she has been exposed to populations from many walks of life. Based on her own interests in fitness, she thrives with those who are active or motivated to get active. She has volunteered and participated in marathons, CrossFit competitions, and yoga retreats. A perfectionist at heart, she refuses to settle for mediocre results and is satisfied when patients leave with the right set of tools to achieve their goals independently.
Joanna Solano
Co-Founder, Clinic Manager, CMA
She is a bay area native with 8 + years of medical admin experience. She enjoys spending time with her family and traveling with her friends. She is dedicated to making your experience at Motus a positive and pleasant one.
Salvatore Flores
Certified Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher
With 15 years of experience, Sal, brings skill and knowledge to his massage treatments. He has worked hand in hand with some of the best doctors in SF and specializes in therapeutic sports massage. Most recently, he has received his yoga teacher certification and uses his new found knowledge to continue to improve his treatments for his clients. He employs graston, MRT and of course, the traditional massage techniques. To schedule with him, go to salsbodyshop.com


If you are looking to schedule with the following staff, you will need to contact them directly. Their contact info will be listed in their bio. Please DO NOT contact Motus Clinic, as we do not have access to their schedules.

Dr. Natasha Barnes
Doctor of Chiropractic
Dr. Barnes graduated from a 4 year doctorate program at Palmer West Chiropractic School in San Jose, CA in 2012 with a specialty in rehabilitation, orthopedic sports medicine and physiotherapy. She is also an official ClinicalAthlete provider. She has a background as a professional rock climber, has climbed V11/14a and was 2005 National Bouldering Champion. She is currently a national level powerlifter in the 67.5kg weight class and has also competed in olympic weightlifting and Crossfit. She takes a special interest in helping climbers and barbell athletes recover from injury and become better athletes. Her approach is different than most chiropractors and sessions with her usually involve some combination of soft tissue work, chiropractic manipulation, therapeutic exercise and strength rehab via barbells and kettlebells. Check out her website at NatashaBarnesRehab.com to find out more about how she can help you and schedule.
Scott Martinez
Personal Trainer
A Bay Area native, Scott is a competitive swimmer of 18 years turned CrossFitter. It was through this love for movement that he dicovered his passion for improving peoples lives via Personal Training. Scott has been a practicing Personal Trainer for the last 5 years and he currently holds certifications in TRX, Kettlebell and most recently, has become a running coach and corrective exercise specialist. His focus is always on quality functional movements as well as empowering his clients. Along with Personal Training, Scott has a love for film and cinema production. To schedule with Scott please contact via email at martinez.scottl@gmail.com.